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Types of Jackpots You Can Win by Playing Online Slots

  There is little better than playing online slots as a form of escapism; they’re fun and entertaining, entirely distracting from the general chaos of a demanding lifestyle, and the best bit? You can even win a substantial amount for cash for your efforts! When you think of slot machines you may picture the old-fashioned one-armed bandits, but slot games have not gone out of fashion. In fact, their popularity is drastically on the rise, thanks to sites offering online slots and incredible jackpots such as Gold Rush Slots. Gone are the days when it was necessary to head to your nearest pub or your local casino in order to participate in some reel-spinning fun. You can still do this of course, but the convenience of online slots has truly won the nation over. Don’t fancy getting ready and heading out of the door? Access your favourite slots from your computer or mobile phone from the comfort of your home. Fancy a flutter on the morning commute? Log in to online casinos in an instant from your smartphone or tablet. Thanks to their remarkable convenience and accessibility, there is an increasingly widening demographic when it comes to slot games, as they reach more players than ever before. As a result, the industry is booming, with slots developers churning out high quality games on a regular basis. This is great news, of course, except for when it comes to choosing a good game to play; the overwhelming choice can make it a difficult task when slots have so many varying features such as bonus games and jackpot types.  The jackpot is usually the top of most players’ lists when it comes to settling on a game, so we’re going to explore the different kinds of casino jackpots further.

Standalone Jackpot

Standalone jackpots are often relatively low, but can make the ideal choice for newbies to the online slots scene, because their lower value often means that they are more easily and more frequently triggered. After a payout, the cash prize is replenished and can be paid out again from the same slot game immediately.

Standalone Progressive Jackpots

A standalone progressive jackpot is the type of jackpot whereby your bets feed into the overall grand prize, usually localised to a solitary slot game. The current jackpot value is often displayed, so that the player can see the potential win. Odds are lower than standalone jackpot slots, but the vision of the increasing jackpot often means that the player is keen to continue playing until they trigger a healthy win; usually anything up to around £10,000.

Wide Area Progressive Jackpots

These types of progressive jackpots work in a similar manner to standalone progressives; i.e. the jackpot sum creeps up as the bets are placed. However, the wide area progressives cover a wide area of slots, often across several casinos, meaning these sums can reach as much as – or more than - £1,000,000 in some cases! Wide area progressive slots are most certainly the ones that could promise you a life-changing amount, however, naturally, the odds of winning are much lower since there are many players competing for the same prizes across many of the linked online casinos.

Final Thoughts

We recommend that new players start off with standalone jackpot slots, which give better odds of winning. You can bet smaller amounts and keep engaged with the game thanks to regular payouts. As you become more experienced and perhaps feel happy to take bigger risks, try out the more thrilling standalone progressives or wide area progressive jackpot slots.